We are far far away

Welcome to our new website!

Gillian here, one half of far far away. I’d like to share our story so far.

Darren and I have been friends since 2007, when we met on Boards.ie photography section. I was only getting serious about photography and had a million questions I needed answers for! The gang online were instrumental in helping me to where I am now. A few people went out of their way to explain the many questions I had, Darren being one of them! Photoshop and Lightroom techniques were shared and all the other boring, technical stuff I needed to know were answered brilliantly!

Darren’s images were consistently amazing, I admired his style immediately. After meeting in person during one of the many meet-ups organised by Boards, a firm friendship was born!

My story!!

When asked to cover a close friends wedding in 2008, and agreeing to upon her insistence that it would be ‘a walk in the park’ for me, I realised, maybe, just maybe I could do this! (Thanks Nicola!)

I can honestly say I came into my own that day. Although the nerves were simmering in the background, it kept me on my toes!
Being a girl most likely aides my love of ‘The Big Day’, I wake up on the morning of each wedding, with anticipation and excitement of the day ahead! I love covering weddings, love love love it!

I have photographically covered a multitude of events since then, from christenings and communions, to football matches and election campaigns! Each, I treat with the greatest attention to detail.

I asked Darren to photograph my daughter’s communion last year, knowing he would capture the day exactly as I wanted. He didn’t let me down!

Darren’s Story!!

I love to take photos.  I love to be different.  I love to take photos that are different. It all started for me many, many years ago when I purchased my first film camera. I quickly realised that I like this, maybe this is my thing. Over the years the camera’s changed (film to digital).

Sport (rugby & GAA) was my main interest in photography for a while. After meeting up with Gill I quickly realised we both shared a passion for something new, something fresh so it was very easy to say yes when the idea of starting far far away came up.

far far away is born!!

Over Christmas holidays past, we decided to try our hand at this professionally! We registered our little company and started work on this site.

We hope you like our style and will consider us for your future events!

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